Senal Tryle

Wiry man about Five' Nine" and 65kg, around 31 years old.


Name: Senal Player: Cam Profession: Scum Rank: Seasoned Total XP: 20

Hive World

Attributes Agility d8 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d4 Vigor d6

Derived Stats Pace: 6” Run: 1d6” Parry: 4 Charisma: 0 Toughness: 5 + 5 = 10 Sanity: 5 Encumbrance: 20 Corruption: 0

Skills Streetwise d8, Climbing d6, Stealth d8, Shooting d6, Lockpick d6, Taunt d6 + 2, Intimidate d6 + 2

Edges: Hiver, Thief, Fence, Improvisational Fighter, Quick Draw, Speed Load, Strong Willed

Hindrances: Greedy, Habit (Alcoholic), Heartless, Quirk (Heavy Seriousness about the Mission)

Gear Weapons Autogun Rnge: 20/40/80 Rof: 3 Mag: 30 Dam: 2d6 Auto, Projectile| Bolt Pistol “Solace of Traitors” Rnge: 15/30/60 RoF: 2 Mag: 12 Dam: 2d10 Special Rule: AP4, Pistol, Projectile Weight: 10 Hand Cannon Rnge: 15/30/60 RoF: 1 Mag: 5 Dam: 2d6+1 Special: AP2, Pistol, Projectile, Best Craftsmanship (Cannot Jam).

Armor: Magister’s Carapace, Armor 5, Full Body, Weight 20

Other gear: Manacles, Vox-Link, Re-breather, Chrono, Trench Coat, clothes, Flask of Alcohol.


Senal grew up in the upper spires of Hive Regius, second largest hive on the Hive World Macanre. He spent most of his earlier years in luxury, at least for a hive world; he ate real food, saw the sun light, went to good schools and never really saw much of a gang problem. He had a standard upper hive childhood, son to busy parents that spent most of their time making sure their private businesses were still making profit. But he didn’t mind, he actually enjoyed their lack of attention in his business, it let him run a bit wilder (Which is probably where the Alcoholism started)). He didn’t get into trouble with the law, as they were busy with the gangs in the underhive. Unfortunately the drinking caught up with him and one night he collapsed to the floor in the local bar, running a very high blood alcohol content, but the winner of the drinking contest. He woke a few hours later in the hospital, his life saved but his liver fried. His family opted to pay for a bionic liver, a really good one, to be installed so that he could return to a semi-normal life.

The surgery went fine and young Senal was committed to rest in the hospital’s recovery ward. It took him about a month to be back on his feet and with his new bionic liver he tore a path through the hive’s bars, beating every possible challenger in a drinking contest. This made him somewhat famous among the bar goers, earning him the title “Iron Liver” amongst the bar frequents.

He eventually gained enough of a reputation to be heard of in the hive’s capital city. Brew Master Malkak, who owned Malkak’s Distilling Guild and was an avid drinker himself, challenged the young man and his ‘Iron Liver’ to a battle with his own bionic liver. The over-confident Senal eagerly accepted. So the two men fought a battle of the drink. In the end, Malkak would have won the drinking contest but he made a fatal mistake. He, in his drunken stupor, dropped a communique onto floor. Malkak had forgotten to hide a message that revealed his intentions to openly assault a rival guild and a rival trade prince in an attempt to corner the market on the nearby agri-world’s goods. Senal, drunkenly perused the letter and managed put two and two together. As the drunken Guild Master was fumbling around for more bottles of alcohol, Senal received a surge of adrenaline. He rushed forward, grabbing the Best Craftsmanship Hand Cannon from the Malkak’s belt and shot the man once in the back. As Malkak turned to reach for a weapon that wasn’t there, Senal ended his life with a shot to man’s face. He spat on the corpse, labeling his as a traitor. Senal then killed four more private guards and took two bullets before he was arrest by the enforcers in the office of the Alcohol Barron.

Even with the evidence on hand, he was still imprisoned and sentenced to execution. Luckily, the intervention of Lord Inquisitor Antonio Benderes, who viewed the act as that of a clever and justified man willing to do what it took to save the Imperium, saved his life. Benderes recovered the Hand Cannon, which he gave to Senal. The man agreed to come with Benderes, stating that there was nothing left for him here anymore. His parents had disowned him as a murderer and a traitor; his sister did not want to see him anymore. He left them a simple note before leaving with Benderes.

“I saved this sector from a massive Guild War. I saved hundreds of Thousands of lives and years of needless conflict. The Guild will have a new leader put in place and will continue its operations under Benderes’ watch so nothing will be affected. You dare call me a traitor for saving the Emperor’s citizens from a needless war? I call you traitors for not having the sense to realize that what I did saved lives. I call you traitors for not having the fortitude to support my decision. I call you traitors for not having the faith to realize that I did not damn this Sector, but saved it. May Emperor have mercy on your Treacherous souls.”

He left shortly afterward, planning never to return home. There was an entire Imperium of Traitors and Heretics, and he had been shown that only a few have the will to find them, and that if those select few did not; Entire sectors would be engulfed in the fires of chaos.

Senal Tryle

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